C&A Pro Skis Website Redesign

C&A Pro Skis

Website Redesign


C&A Pro is a Minnesota based company and a leader in producing the best performance skis for competition-style snowmobile racing. To stay ahead of the competition, C&A Pro needed an appealing refresh of their current website. As the graphic designer assigned to this project, I wanted to leverage the aesthetics of the company’s assertive branding style and pair it visually with a contemporary, clean, responsive layout.

My process was simple, formulate a layout that was visually captivating to the client’s targeted audience while designing a website that was customer-centered, user-friendly, and adaptable to a variety of consumer devices. In my extensive research of competitors and brands that would appeal to C&A Pro purchasers, I was able to produce a stunning layout that was consistent with C&A Pro’s branding standards.

Expanding on the usability of the website, one of the new innovative user interfaces that I designed is the color simulator, where shoppers can preview custom colors of skis before purchasing them. The final results of the project surpassed the client’s expectations and addressed their ultimate marketing objectives.


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C&A Pro Skis Website Redesign sample by experienced ux designer Antwon Key C&A Pro Skis Website Redesign sample by experienced web designer Antwon Key