High Island Organics Package Design

High Island Organics

Packaging Design


High Island Organics is a family-owned Minnesota company that decided to expand their farming business into the organic fertilizer category. High Island required an appealing packaging design to attract potential new customers to gain a competitive advantage in this new consumer market. As the graphic artist attached to this project, I wanted to design a package that would visually communicate the organic characteristics of a high-quality product generated from the manure of the chickens raised on High Island's local family farm.

In my creative process, I researched other organic fertilizers and a variety of natural products outside of the fertilizer category to gain a sense of the contemporary visual language employed by similar products. A few of the elements that I observed was that most products incorporated representations of nature, earth-tone color palette, and a minimalist visual approach to support the feeling of purity.

The result was an appealing original packaging design that thrilled the client and helped High Island Organics fully realized their fifth-generation company’s goal to market its high-quality organic fertilizer to buyers across the country.


Graphic Designer


High Island Organics


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High Island Organics Package Design designed by Antwon Key an Experienced Graphic Designer from Salem, MA.